Providing Best Electrical Services

Trinity Electric Group provides expert electrical work for homes and businesses. Our experts put in a lot of effort to ensure that the services we offer are the best across the entire country.

Residential Electric Services

If you are looking for an electrical contractor who is both reliable and affordable, go no further than Trinity Electric Group. New electrical panels, upgraded electrical services, rewiring, outdoor lighting, ceiling fan installation, and modern wireless thermostats are all a part of the residential electric services we offer. The electricians at Trinity Electric Group will also check your home’s circuit breakers and replace any old wiring they find.

Trinity Electric Group places customer service above all else, giving each homeowner the individual attention they deserve. It is important to us that you understand the nature of our service and the steps that will need to be taken to complete the task, so we take the opportunity to do just that. If you engage us, you can rest easy knowing that your home will be treated with the utmost care and that we will return it in better shape than we found it. The trained experts at Trinity Electric Group will inspect your property for any dangers and offer solutions. As a bonus, we will supply a detailed estimate for reasonably priced residential electrical repairs and improvements.

Commercial Electric Services

In today’s modern world, no company can function without the services of a qualified commercial electrician. Commercial electrical work is much more complex than residential wiring or wiring maintenance. The appearance and functionality of your business are both impacted by the quality of the electrical work that has been done, which in turn affects your ability to make money.

Trinity Electric Group takes a no-compromise approach to designing and installing electrical services for retail shop fitting, commercial offices, and big retail locations. We have become well-known as a top qualified electrical contractor in the US. To ensure that your contract is fulfilled on time, within budget, and safely, we can provide you with a group of trained and experienced electricians and office-based support staff.

Surveillance Security Systems

Consider installing a video surveillance system in your place of business if you’re worried about break-ins. These systems might provide extra safety for your company. In today’s market, you may choose from a wide variety of high-quality systems. Protecting your house is easier than ever with today’s technology, whether you opt for a system that allows you to speak to an alarm at a remote location or one that you just monitor.

From single- or dual-camera analog systems to sophisticated networked IP and digital multi-camera systems, Trinity Electric Group provides comprehensive CCTV video surveillance solutions for businesses. We can tailor a solution to your specific requirements thanks to our wide range of cutting-edge tools. In addition, our sales staff is educated to choose the best layout considering factors such as visibility and security. Whether you need a solo surveillance system or one integrated with additional components, Trinity Electric Group will surpass your expectations.